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Tuesday, July 28, 2009  |  Wedding
Jen and Brett - Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer

I always have high expectations for weddings up at the Eagle's Eye restaurant on the Kicking Horse Ski Hill. Jen and Brett didn't let me (or their guests) down. It was a great day.

I started off with Jen and her girls getting ready and then we met up with the guys.

Sometimes when I do the portrait session before the ceremony the couples are a nervous and a bit stiff and it takes a little coaching to get them loosened (or at least looking like they are) up. There were no issues with these two and apparently Jen drinks beer a bit faster than Brett.

Golden has so many different options for wedding photography.

It was really, really windy at the start of the ceremony.

The veil actually got ripped right off Jen's head and this first photo on the left is the only frame I have that shows it. It happened so fast. Check out the guy on the left reaching for the veil, but its up in the top right hand corner already.

Jen took it really well, she just kept on walking.

Jen and her sister after the ceremony.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009  |  Portrait Session
Karen and James - Calgary Wedding Photographer

Karen and James wanted to celebrate their first anniversary with a portrait session and I was really happy that these two who are currently living in Red Deer were able to mesh schedules with me. They brought some bikes which made the shoot a lot of fun.

I met up with them at their favourite coffee shop in town, Kawa, and then we headed to the paths along the river. Thanks for a fun time guys.


Friday, July 17, 2009  |  Wedding
Marie and Ryan - Canmore Wedding Photographer - Silvertip Resort

There are so many things I would like to say about this wedding, it was flat out amazing, but at the heart of it was a really nice couple getting married. You'll see Marie's smile in the photos below. She really is that nice and bubbly and warm, its kind of overwhelming really. Ryan just seems like one of those guys who never gets mad or swears or anything remotely bad. He always has a smile on. He's a golfer though, so I'm sure he's thrown a few clubs over the years.

The wedding (at Silvertip in Canmore) was designed and choreographed by Lynn Fletcher and her team (Lynn Fletcher Weddings). They did an amazing job of everything. Thank you.

The bride looking over at her sister while their makeup was being done.

Right - Marie and her sister. My favourite photo of the day.

Ryan watching his bride come down the aisle.

There was a funny moment at the start of the ceremony where Marie's dad forgot to do the ceremonial hand off. Ryan had to grab him by the sleeve before he sat down.

The grandmas.

These two are both golfing nuts, so we the putting green was a must.

The amazing room by Lynn Fletcher Weddings that awaited the couple and guests.

Flowers by The Nosegay

Cake Sensations made this amazing cake.

The guest enjoyed a covered outdoor lounge area.

I love Funk and The Mocking Shadows do it live. Outstanding!


Monday, July 6, 2009  |  Wedding
Jo and Karl - Banff Wedding Photographer

Jo and Karl are a couple New Zealander's that have been living in Calgary for 6 or so years. They are part of a close group of friends that we've been fortunate to share a great chapter of life with. Sadly they are moving back in the fall, but they wanted to have their wedding in Canadian Rockies. So a bunch of Kiwi's and a bunch of Canucks gathered in Banff for a memorable wedding.

Apparently this is a NZ beer. You know you're a redneck if you wear beer socks to your own wedding.

A few portraits before the ceremony.

The aisle.

Jo's parents - Right

The ceremony was epic.

Karl's parents.

Meanwhile..... As a dad, this is what I usually get to do at gatherings like this when I'm not taking photos. Thanks Kyle.

Jo and her brother.

During cocktails.

The reception was at the Juniper Hotel in Banff. Dinner was amazing and the speeches were just about perfect. I had planned on putting the camera away after the first dance, but the opportunity to photograph our friends drunk, while being slightly intoxicated myself was too much to pass up.

Round 1

.... about 30 seconds later


Karl's impression of his favourite animal, the "liger"

The garter toss isn't established in New Zealand. There was a bit of confusion at the start, but Jo straightened things out.

Caught by another Kiwi.

Some guy in a kilt took this shot of me and my brother. It was tough growing up in a small town with a brother who was a scratch handicap golfer at 14 and then went on to win a couple of Memorial Cups in junior. I used to dread getting recognized in town. The conversation usually went something like "hey aren't you one of the Maudie boys"? "So are you the golfer or the hockey player?' I would look down at my feet, kick the dirt and say "neither" :(

Now I say ya, "neither, I'm the one with the full head of hair and the hot wife"!


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