Jordan [5.7.08, 10:43am] This comment is kind of delayed. None the less, absolutely amazing photos! You've captured the beauty of Hawaii, my favorite cousin, and the love that Patric & Traci really do have for each other. Very well done!

alan maudie [12.27.07, 5:23pm] thanks for the kind words everybody. Traci and Patric, can't wait for you to see the rest!

JACKIE [12.23.07, 8:01am] Beautiful photos and a breathtaking venue. Everyone should get married in Hawaii! Pictures are so natural in depicting the beauty of the landscape and the mood of the moment. Everyone looks so relaxed! Great job Alan, as usual.

Traci & Patric [12.23.07, 1:11am] Alan, working with you was an absolute pleasure! We saw these photos while still in Hawaii and were super excited by the way you captured the joy of our day! We wanted to work with you from the moment we saw your work and you most certainly did not let us down. Thank you for adding to our amazing day and for preserving the love we have for one another along with our family and friends. Your the best!

Linda [12.21.07, 7:06pm] Absolutely breathtaking and definetly unique in "capturing the moment".The facial expressions on the bride and groom look so natural and there's no doubt that the two of them were enjoying every moment of their special day! The creative talent of Alan's work is clearly outlined as he balances the beauty of nature along with a couple in love. Spectacular wedding portraits!!