Lisa [12.15.08, 1:19pm] Hi Alan, I'm soooo sad I didn't see this post earlier! I'd have been all over the macro and the flash. If things fall through let me know! Lisa Blush.alicious Blog, and Table Talk!

Shannon [12.7.08, 12:00am] If only you were quitting Nikon and selling your gear... but you're smarter than that, my friend. :) I'd love to see a post on the reasons for the move back to Nikon- please keep us in the loop!

Alan Maudie [11.28.08, 3:54pm] No worries Travis, I'm not retiring yet. Wow, lot of emails today from people all worried I am moving on to something else!! When I get a chance I maybe do a post to clear up the reason for the sale and move back to Nikon.

Laura [11.28.08, 3:37pm] Hi, I know it is is tentatively sold but I would be interested in the sigma 50mm f/2.8 it does not work out. I am interesting in getting into macro with my photography. Your moments capture the quietness of the people. Amazing!

Tony [11.28.08, 1:10am] Are you switching brands Alan? You're kidding on Holga?

Travis Jon Allison [11.28.08, 12:21am] Switching brands I can handle. Quiting the biz would be a damn shame - you're quite the inspiration.

Alan Maudie [11.27.08, 3:13pm] I should also add that my number one least favourite thing to do is package stuff and ship it, so Calgary people or anyone passing through, if you come to me and spare me a trip to my carboard box collection in the garage, I will definitely give you a better price.

Alan Maudie [11.27.08, 3:10pm] Hey Chenoa. Email me your offer, I would love to help you out if I can. The prices listed are basically what other are selling similar gear for.

chenoa [11.27.08, 2:55pm] I am a young photographer jsut starting my photography bussiness and am very interested in purchasing some of your equiptment. I live in Calgary. Would you take offers on any of the items your selling, or are your prices firm?

Mike Mason [11.27.08, 1:04pm] I reckon you've gone Nikon and will be using a D700 as your body.

Alan Maudie [11.27.08, 12:07pm] Paula, I switched to Holgas.

Paula [11.27.08, 10:37am] What's the reason for selling?