Gabe McClintock [8.1.08, 9:40am] Alan, These are great...but that Champagne shot...come on...that is KILLER!!! Hope your well. Cheers.

Lori Moss [7.31.08, 7:21am] Best champagne shot ever! Love the hat series as well.

Blondie [7.30.08, 11:51am] WOW! Cortney looks so gorgeous! Great shots too. I love the top hat sequence and the alternate groomsman!

Cathy and David [7.28.08, 6:28am] Loving the alternate groomsman. He's so handsome. :-D

Amish [7.25.08, 11:13pm] Long time lurker, but I just had to post my first comment. WOW, that blast of champagne must of been quite the shock! To both you and the videographer! Great capture!