Caroline Chalk [10.26.11, 8:35am] These are all amazing shots!!!You have captured moments and memories, these couples are just so lucky.

Alan Maudie [4.10.08, 5:23pm] Christine tells me that she thinks Jon is the hottest bus driver ever!

Honey [4.10.08, 12:25pm] Hey that's my ugly cousin Jon, haha...J/K. Great photos!! Thanks for making him look good. I'm a huge fan of your work. Love your photos, so much emotion. Great work!!

Kray [4.10.08, 11:48am] Absolutely GORGEOUS (the photos and the couple)!

Shelley [4.10.08, 11:18am] Hello! I've been a fan for quite awhile but decided to quit blog stalking and say hello! Wonderful work as usual :) Love the brick wall shot, you are a master with your flash!

Sergei Belski [4.10.08, 8:33am] Very beautiful work!

Brandy [4.9.08, 5:34pm] Wow! Gorgeous images, and gorgeous couple. Looks like a ton of fun!