Natalie Mitchell [7.13.10, 4:55pm] LOVE the pics! The enrgy and love you had for eachother leaps off the page. I am so thrilled for you both and wish you a long life filled with joy, laughter and love. ~Natalie

ans and izaak monster [7.12.10, 5:30pm] Dear Yael and Scott,you both looks so happy.What a beautiful spot to marry.Stunning photo,s from two beautiful people.We wish you both a long ,happy and healthty life together. love Ans and Izaak

Aimee Walton [7.10.10, 5:18pm] Yael - I am so happy for you and Scott. You looked so stunning and the wedding seemed perfect. XO Always, Aimee

Lyn DUNCAN (Mother of the Groom) [7.10.10, 11:18am] Beautiful Alan. You really captured such special moments. Thank you! Lyn

Matt Radlinski [7.10.10, 5:20am] Stunning job as always Alan. The emotion just pours through these images. *bow*

Jeraldine [7.9.10, 10:27am] Amazing shots that show both great personalities and perfect scenery. (The photo angle on Scott's chair shot was well appreciated too) Any photos of the cake?

Sharon [7.6.10, 6:01pm] These are absolutely stunning! What a beautiful wedding; I wish I was there! Especially love the one with the bride through the window...and the couple by the dock!

Vanessa Day [7.6.10, 4:32pm] My son noted the boys wearing skirts and that they could twirl in them. Great work.