wei [6.2.10, 11:49am] yeah, i love that image of them under the trees on the bench too.

Shamima Sultana [5.27.10, 2:53am] wow...very sweet moments...and the photography is wonderful...

maros hana [5.26.10, 8:19am] amazing work Alan as usual Yes the cocktail hour pictures are great - very personal and emotional have a great day Maros

Sharon [5.25.10, 8:55pm] Love them all, especially the one with the couple on the bench and the big tree...also the last one! Beautiful work again!

Matt [5.25.10, 5:09pm] Certainty the best wedding photog I know, thats why we picked him. Great work Alan, stunning photos!!

Vanessa Day [5.25.10, 3:48pm] Awesome, I love how you make your clients feel so at ease. Every photo one can tell how comfortable they are.