Amira Harris [1.28.10, 11:38am] Well deserved Alan. Beautiful work and a huge Congrats.

wei [1.26.10, 1:27pm] high five, alan!

Ryan Blair [1.25.10, 3:32pm] Congrats Alan, a well deserved honor. Glad to have had you at our wedding, and can't wait to see what else you come out with.

Lisa Redfern [1.21.10, 8:15pm] What an honour -- congratulations!

JIMMY DIEP [1.15.10, 3:21pm] Congrats Alan! Well deserved. Can't wait til July 3rd.

Biff [1.15.10, 11:42am] Congratulations on the wonderful honor! Your work is simply stunning and wonderfully crafted.

M [1.14.10, 1:06pm] Congrats, you deserve it! I wish you had been around for my wedding!!!

Sergei Belski [1.14.10, 10:55am] You for sure deserve to be there!

Matt Graham [1.14.10, 9:17am] Awesome Alan, just another reason we can't wait until May 16th!

Krystal Radlinski [1.13.10, 9:57pm] Well deserved Alan!

Travis Allison [1.13.10, 8:29pm] Well-deserved Alan. I think you're doing great work! Congratulations.

Adam P [1.13.10, 7:32pm] Congrats Alan! Easy pick to have you on that list, and you'd be a shoe-in for top 10 as well! Happy New Year!